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Oct 29, 2018
As I am sure, you can guess, I am new to the forum
I am sure this has been asked many, many times, but I thought I would ask to see if there was anyone from the central valley in northern California (Yuba Sutter area to be exact) that had any insight on getting their Class A non-commercial license,
I have a Solitude 373 (about 40 ft outside dimensions) and weighs about 1,600 pounds, give or take 100 pounds. I do have the written test behind me. I understand that the next step is to take the driving test. According to what I can gather, it is a must to have a Class A or a Non-commercial holder with you, in order to take the test, but that is all I got so far. I have no idea how to get a person to go with me that has a Class A or a Non-commercial class A. I guess that is my problem to resolve.
How long does the test take. What does one to make sure they have with them. Does anyone know a route or destination they take in this neck of the woods. Any and all help would be appreciated. Like someone once said, the RV's got to stick together, especially in the "Great Country of California", ha ha
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Yes, legally in CA if your trailer weighs more than 15k you will need to get a Non-com CDL-A

Take the written test and get your permit and schedual a driving test,  then you will need a CDL licensed driver to ride along with you to the DMV to take your driving test. They will need to show the inspector his valid CDL license or they will send you away.

I have a CDL and have done it for a guy with a big motorhome before.  It was a waste of 4 hours And they only give these test at a Commercial license DMV test facility. 

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