class c cabover rebuild

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Sep 9, 2009
My husband and son are repairing the entire cabover. All of the wood has rotted out so it is completely gutted. In rebuilding, we can't figure out what material covers the blue Styrofoam, it almost looks like cardboard, but it is so rotted we can't tell. We think it is luan, but how can we get the luan to bend around the curve? Any suggestions??

tc tom

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Jun 19, 2010
You might check a cabinet shop for bending plywood, sometimes it's called bending birch. It's designed to bend.
Also if the bend is not real tight you might try a door skin. It is usually 1/8 or less thick and is very fixable. Home Depot stocked it at one time, but a true lumber company might stock it or be able to order it. It's also cheaper than bending plywood.

Hope this helps, happy camping, Tom


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Oct 4, 2007
There are several who have done it here. Use the search function on the menu above with "Cabover + rebuild" (no quotes) and you will get many hits.  (DO NOT used the search box at the top of the page as that only searches the current forum.

Molaker has done a complete rebuild with pictures, you will likely find good info in his blog.


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Jun 16, 2010
Springfield, Mo.
If you visit my website, be sure to go to the blog (button on top menu).  I actually had to rebuild my unit twice and the 2nd rebuild is documented in 2011 in my blog.

As for the backing material, my unit had Filon glued to luann (most common method).  The curved area does present a challenge.  I wound up covering the curved area with 1/8" luann backed with fairly closely constructed framing (check around November 2011 in blog for photos).  Because of the curvature, I had to apply the luann first then glue the Filon on top.  Be aware, Filon is not cheap.  Actually, Filon itself is not too bad, but shipping will eat your lunch.  As for the need to buy new Filon, it would depend upon the condition of your siding.  When I rebuilt my MH the 1st time, I was able to clean the plywood off the Filon and reuse the Filon.  However, the 2nd time the Filon was getting to bad shape and had to be replaced.
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