clicking hour meter?

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Jan 9, 2013
Anderson, MO
The hour meter for the generator on our 2000 Rexhall Aerbus clicks every second or two. Hunted around under the dash looking for a bad relay or solenoid before I found everytime a little indicator on the Hobbs hour meter (picture from the web below)  at the right end of the numbers turns from white to black and back there is a click. wondering if this is normal, or is it a sign it is ready to retire. I figrue we can get used to the click, or replace it with a newer digital model and note the current hours on the maintenance log if it gets too annoying or it is going to quit soon. Thoughts?


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It's essentially a clock.  If the generator is running (edit: or just switched on and not started), what you're hearing is the mechanism clicking away time...normal operation.  If the generator is not running, you have a problem.  Something is powering the time meter when it shouldn't.
Thanks Molaker. It only works when the generator is on, so that is normal. But, that thing is loud - I can hear it in the bedroom, 30 feet away. Maybe there is some way to insulate it a bit. On the way home from picking the rig up in Houston we did the Walmart campground thing. DW said she didn't mind the generator noise, but the clicking drove her nuts. I may end up putting in a new electronic version no matter what. After all -  "Ain't nobody happy if Mamma ain't happy." :)
Our previous coach had a loud and obnoxious generator hour meter too, but this one is totally silent. Not sure if it's the more expensive coach, the different brand of generator (Onan vs Generac), or just the meter that the coach builder chose to install.
Many hour meters are nothing more than a spring wound clock, like an old fashion key wound bedside alarm clock.

The clicking you hear is an electromagnet that "rewinds" the clock every few seconds.

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