coach net plan options?

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Aug 9, 2012
Saint Johns, FL
Doesn't Coach Net offer different plan level choices?...or at least didn't they used to? 
I thought I remembered it that way anyway....

My free basic level service form Ford (through Coach Net) is coming to an end this summer.  Way back when I first got this thing I had decided that I'd go with coach net when this ran out, assuming of course nothing changed.

This morning I received an email from FMCA trying to sell their roadside coverage

"FMCA?s popular Roadside Rescue? plan will increase from $69 to $74/year effective May 1, 2019, for new and existing policyholders.
Take advantage of the plan's
$69/year rate by May 1, 2019!"

So I thought now might be a good time to compare that to coachnet....but when I search coachnet's site I'm only seeing one option for motorhomes at $249

Is theirs a one choice thing now?  What am I missing?
Are you going to the join page or the renewal page? I have Premier Coach and just went to the renewal page and my options are the Premier Coach at one year for $169 or for three years at $489.  Last time I renewed they gave me a choice of Basic or Premier, so I don't know if Basic is gone or what.

So I suspect that $249 may be a first year thing. In any case, you may want to call if you can't find a better price on the renewal page (you need your membership number, not the same as the F- number on the goose egg).

I've heard the FMCA plan is pretty good (it was CoachNet when I joined, but a different outfit now)
I tried to renew my Basic and it is not on the website.  I emailed them and they immediately replied saying to call them, so I guess the Basic is deliberately hidden.  I have yet to call, exploring other options.  My current plan is about to expire and maybe if that happens the Basic is no longer an option.
I left Coach net because of continued price hikes and went with FMCA Rescue at $69.00 per, for three years. I have used a road service once in 15 years of paying for it.>>>Dan
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