Coating the Truck Camper roof

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Jun 23, 2024
Portland, Oregon
I've got a metal roof, pretty good shape so far, I just bought the camper, but it sure looks like stored inside by previous owner. I live in Portland, OR. so RVs stored outside get mold and awful pretty quickly. I want to apply a flexible coating as preventitive, roof seems good so far....What do you'all recommend for coating ? My camper is an 8.5 ft. Pastime Truck camper. No slides. I have to store it outside, but under a tarp.
One metal RV roof is pretty much like another so I wonder why you need to coat it? Unless it is getting old I would just keep it clean and make sure that all caulking is in good condition. Even if you apply a quality coating, you will still need to keep it clean. How old is the camper?
I've used Henry's brand of elastometric roof coating on several vehicles. It reduces the heat gain and reduces the sound of rain and hail on the metal roof.
#1 Brush/rinse the roof off. I find a push broom and a water hose works well. Let dry.
#2 Caulk/seal all the seams and "holes" in the roof (vents, etc). Let dry.
#3 Roll on THREE coats of Henry's Solar-Flex. You need TWO COATS as a base plus ONE TOP COAT.

In a few years (5 to 7 or sooner if you choose) you can roll on a SINGLE COAT of any of the Henry's formulations, including the Tropicool. If you use the silicone Tropicool, you can ONLY use a silicone roof coating over it.

- Use a regular "fluffy" type paint roller on an extension pole to roll the roof coating.
- Either roll the roof under cover or on an overcast day (not rainy). I rolled in the early morning and at dusk.
- You will sunburn. I sunburned up to my knees and I was wearing long pants. Make a strong cup of Earl Grey tea. Allow to cool and put in a fine mist spray bottle (I use fingertip sprayers from Walmart). Spray on the sunburn and allow to dry. Do not wash the tea off. Keep applying the tea until the sunburn stops hurting. This will prevent bad sunburns and peeling.
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