Cold weather and a refrigerator

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Feb 22, 2006
new castle pa.
This might be a dumb question but all well. During the Holiday season. I plug the HM in and start my fridge for the over flow of food for family and friends who shows up. The temp right know at day time is 45 - 50 degrees at night it goes down to 25. My question is will it hurt my fridge when the temp outside and inside the HM is colder than the fridge is set at. Yes i found out that beverages will freeze inside the fridge when outside temps get cold .

Any thoughts would be helpful.
P.S. Hope you have a great Holiday.  jiggs

Jim Dick

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Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Hi Jiggs,

If you refer is well insulated the outside temp shouldn't make any difference on the inside for short periods. Many refers today have what they call an LAS or low ambient switch. It's usually located inside the door on Dometic refers. This is used if the temp is going to be really low outside. Apparently the refer at times will not start cooling when it should due to the low ambient temp outside. All the switch does is turn on the light inside the refer which creates a little heat telling the sensor to cool the box.

There is also another switch inside. It's the CCS or climate control switch. This turns on a DC heater in the door in cases where you have too much humidity and the door has condensation. I doubt this is ever used because it is DC and will wear down the battery quicker when boondocking. If you have power and it's humid you can turn on the air conditioner. :)

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