Coleman Mach 3 Plus Fan Mod ?

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May 24, 2010
Is there any way to modify the wiring on a Coleman Mach 3 Plus air conditioner so that the fan shuts off with the compressor...or after a specified delay, if it is necessary when the compressor first shuts down?  It's (driving me) crazy to have to listen to the fan noise when it is not cooling.  Also, does anyone know how to obtain a parts and/or electrical diagram for M/N 48253A866?
The following site is for Airxcel, the maker of Coleman RV A/Cs, "".  The Wiring Diagram and other info is available for your model.
Thanks weewun, for the link to the manufacturer's documents...their literature was very complete.
I bought a kit that does this sold by a company called airswitchrv. Didn't have to modify anything on the unit and it was a direct install. And to improve the hysteresis I just routed the tstat capilllary out thru the front vent hole and bent it up near the cold air outlet front vent. I can just adjust this and the on and off time is so much better. Save having to monkey around with trying to set up a wall thermostat.
I like the idea of the airswitchrv mod.
Does anyone have a copy of the instructions that they are willing to share.
I would like to see if it is something I could tackle my self.
No instructions and only a blurred picture on website.

Where do the wires connect and where is the new switch located?

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