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Aug 15, 2018
Hello Everyone..
I'm new to the RV Forum Site and have been trying for months to get my JackKnife bed comfy enough in my 22 ft Class C that I can use it without going to the chiropractor after a trip. Here's what I did. I folded down one of the sofas, placed a thick sleeping back over the entire area, placed a 38x72 Sofa bed gel memory mattress from PlushBeds on top of the sleeping bag, placed a thick twin memory pad on top of that, put a twin sheet on, finished it off with a colorful twin quilt, and VOILA! No more Princess and the Pea. It sleeps like a dream and I don't have to buy another sofa. THe other sofa can still fold out and there is room in between even if 'my' bed is folded out permanently. AH, what a difference 18 layers make.
Hope this works for you..


Site Team
Feb 22, 2016
Hi and welcome to the forum.  Good to have you here.  It makes such a difference having a good sleep. Hope you are enjoying your travels.
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