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Sep 19, 2018
My bucket list includes visiting Australia and New Zealand. Friends who have been fortunate enough to tour those countries have told me that citizens in those countries are very friendly and, in general, really like Americans. I'd love to RV across Australia.

However, I was disturbed when I noticed that Australia is experiencing a severe heat wave with temperatures over 40 C (104 F) for the last 20 days. OUCH!!! There were record temperatures in South Australia this last week in Port Augusta 48.9 C (120 F), Andamooka 47.8 C (118 F), and Griffith 46.4 C (115 F).

Not that I'll ever check Australia and New Zealand off my bucket list, but, if I do, it will be in our summer and definitely not January. At those temperatures, there will very likely be a significant number of heat related deaths. My sympathies for my brothers and sisters Down Under.
Spring or fall are better than summer or winter. I think. Avoid the hot or cold extremes and shoot for the middling weather.

Australia & New Zealand were on my list too, but never got there. But I'm not dead yet either...  ;)
It's on my bucket list too. A number of years back while on a cruise, we just happened to be seated next to a couple from Sydney, Australia during dinner. The friendliest strangers I've ever met!  I mentioned that I would love to visit their country and spend some time exploring. They gave me all kinds of tips on what time of year to visit, where to visit, things to do, the whole ball of wax. Wish I would have wrote it all down.

I'll get there someday. 
Folks the trend is to wilder weather. HOTTER in August. Colder now.. with an over all drift toward hotter overall.. SO if high temps bother you like they do me.... Good luck.
It should be on everybodies bucket list. Tara and I have been there four times (I had an emergency contract with the AU navy) and found the people to be really special. As to the temperatures, AU is a big country (continent) and has a range of temperature comparable to the US. You just go South for cooler weather!


If you go, don't miss snorkeling on the great barrier reef.
Visited Perth Australia once and got paid for it courtesy of the U.S. Navy. Beautiful place
and very friendly people.  Perfect weather.  Can't remember the time of year but it reminded me of San Diego except they drive on the wrong side of the road.
I was scheduled to go a second time but Libya's Ghadafe (sp?) wanted to play so we
went through the Suez Canal instead, shot down a couple of his aircraft to keep him
quiet  and ended up seeing Naples Italy and Toulone France. 

I've taken two month long trips through mid and eastern Australia, but haven't visited Perth yet.  Both trips were in the spring or fall shoulder seasons and the weather was close to perfect.  I scheduled a week in New Zealand on each trip, but both times the volcano erupted and I wound up spending the extra time in Australia.

That's OK, I had more than enough to keep me busy in Oz and it gives me an excuse to go back again.

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