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Oct 16, 2006
Valdosta Georgia
We like to visit our daughter & grand-children in Fairfield, Ct around Thanksgiving & Christmas. This was fairly easy when we had a 27" class A. We have upgraded twice & are now in a 37' coach & can no longer get into their drive way. We find no campgrounds open in that area during those months & wonder if anyone may know of a private area we could use a few nights.

We have a private campsite on a 10 acre site with 50 & 30 amp, sewer & good deep well water we occasionally use to camp with our grand-children. We would trade time here for time there. The site is about 1 1/2 hr North of Tallahassee, 2 hours west of Jacksonville Fl. Exact location is 15 miles north of Valdosta, Ga on Georgia state hwy 133. Can send photo of site if needed.

                                              Please reply to [email protected]
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