Damage resulting from collision

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Jun 24, 2011
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  I am, as they say, not a real happy camper.  On this past Saturday as I was driving along minding mine and everyone's business, I was the victim of another drivers stupidity and selfishness (a bad combination).  A a Toyota Corolla in the right hand lane caught the snow ridge (about 3feet high) on it's right causing it's rear to swing to the left.  A Chevy Avalanche which was following about twenty feet behind tried to drive around it by steering into my lane.  I saw the driver do this!  The front bumper of the truck, propelled sideways by what was the inevitable collision with the Toyota struck the curved fiberglass panel just back of my passenger door.  The impact felt like being hit by a train!  The situation, with the truck and car being wedged together tore the front bumper completely off the truck in the process of doing considerable damage to the third front corner of my 33 year old, otherwise perfect, motorhome.

The lesson here is: When you are in a predicament DO NOT make someone else pay for it.  If the driver of the truck, a long time resident of Edmonton where we have snow and icy streets for about half of every year, had not turned their wheel to the left I would have been well past when the truck connected with the car and I would not have been hit.  Further; had the truck not been following too close (for any conditions) no collision would have taken place.

Dan Nelson (newfurrows)
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