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Apr 28, 2006
Hi All,

My wife and I are UK residents and we've just retired and want to buy an RV.  We visited the Tampa show on Saturday and this helped us to narrow down our likes to a Damon Tuscany 4076 and a Fleetwood Providence 40X.

I realise that these are new models so don't expect much feed back from owners of these models.  BUT any feedback on these manufacturers would be much appreciated.

We intend to live in the motorhome for around 12 weeks then return to the UK for a few weeks before coming back to US for another 12 week period.

I have a family memeber living in the US so will use his postal address and will probably use a Montana LLC to purchase.

Any information will be appreciated.

Happy travelling!

David & Angie

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
At my Silver Springs FL home
My personal preference would be for the Fleetwood product. We've owned a Fleetwood trailer (Wilderness) and a Fleetwood motorhome (Southwind) and were quite satisfied. We currently have a 2004  Fleetwood American tradition, recently purchased, and are too much in love with it to render an unbiased opinion!  ;D

We have looked at the Damons while RV shopping in the past and always came away unimpressed with the fit and finish. However, there are Damon owners here who love theirs, so who knows???


Well-known member
Jan 22, 2006
Never owned a Damon but have owned Fleetwoods.  3 Friends of mine have owned Damon and thought the same as me, an entry model that left a lot to be desired.  Well all units leave a lot to be desired, once you own a unit of any model.   Would suggest upgrading to at least a Pace Arrow. But this is just MHO,  Others will have other opinions but this is mine. We all pick our favorites and advise per se.   All that said, heck I 'm really not satisfied with the Pace,  I'm wanting something else, higher up the line, but Mama says NO.  So I have to be content with what I have and be thankful for it.  Just remember 1 tip of advice no matter wheather you follow my advice or anyone elses,    Make Dang Sure You Have the Approval of the Kitchen Boss, AKA YOUR WIFE.  After all sheis the one that will spend most of the time in the kitchen, so if she's not happy, you'll be miserable with your MH even if it cost a Million bucks. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the retirement.  Happy RVing.

Don Jensen

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Jun 20, 2006
The Woodlands Texas
If you decide the Providence is a better fit for you, make sure to talk to dealers who sell the Fleetwood Excursion.  With the exception of the windshield, it is exactly the same MH and basically doubles the number of dealers you can negotiate with for the price you are willing to pay.



Jan 13, 2005
David & Angie,

As others have suggested, it's easy to be biased by what one owns or has owned. We previously owned a Pace Arrow (made by Fleetwood) and had many happy times in that motorhome. I've never owned a Damon, nor have I looked closely at one, so I'm not qualified to offer an opinion. But hopefully some of our Damon owners will share their experience.

Whichever make or model you decide to buy, be sure to talk to folks here about negotiating the price. You can negotiate huge discounts from the MRSP (manufacturer's recommended selling price), so don't be too ready to pull out your cheque book.

Also, be sure to look at some of the checklists and other buying tips in our library - just click the Library button above.

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
What can I say?  I can say that I own a Damon Intruder and am quite happy with it, though I did have to re-visit the factory for some warranty work it was handled well, and they worked with me on the schedule so that visit only cost me 30 miles of driving instead of hundreds.  Would I buy another, that is the question.  Well, if funds permit, I'd like to upgrade to a DP and this rig is a Gasser, but Damon makes both just now so who knows.  A lot would depend on the floor plan.

I've lived nearly 29 years in a house with a single bathroom.. This rig is a bath and a half and that is truly a blessing.

Ray D

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Jun 4, 2006
Boise, Idaho
Limited experience, but I will chime in. We own the Damon Challenger, 2005. In our second year, now. We have used it frequently but not a lot of miles. Longest trip, so far, was 200 miles each way. (Due to health, not motorhome issues.) We previously had an Allegro, 1991. It was good, also.

Driving it is a piece o' cake, like a dream! Stable and smooth riding. Holds the road with barely a notice when being passed by semi trucks. Looks good.  Only issue was learning how to drive it, as it is longer, wider and taller than the old Allegro. ;D

We love the Challenger and have a great time in it. We have had only one serious issue, and that occurred while it was parked in our back yard. It was taken care of, promptly and well, by the dealership. (That was the 12 volt system.) Several minor issues were repaired equally easily.

The Tuscany is a few notches richer than ours, and I can't imagine not being satisfied with one of those. (Quite a few notches, actually.) Good lluck with either choice and have fun with your new toy.

Ray D

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