day/night blinds lost their pleat

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Sep 22, 2006
I have day/night pleated blinds in the br. I like to sleep with the window open and the fan pulling in air when I am w/o electric hookup or the night is cool. For privacy I leave the d/n half down sometimes.

The problem is that apparently nighttime moisture has weakened the sharp factory pleats on the blinds and they do not fold properly when raising them now.

I am thinking of spray starching them and then immediately raising them fully, taking care to force the pleat to fold properly while still damp.

Will this work to restore the pleats?

Anyone have alternate suggestions?
We replaced the day/night shades in the bedroom with miniblinds.  Privacy and ventilation at the same time.  And no strings to break :)
We just purchased a used 2000 Class C and one of the shades had that problem.
The rep told us to do exactly what you are preparing to do.
Ned, I am considering that, as I agree about the ventilation part!? As privacy goes, what does that mean!

I replaced the blinds at all my other windows on the road last year, and it was quite expensive due to the inability to shop around.? So I may do the same to the br.? But not until I am home.

raymarco , in the mean time I will try the starch fix.

As an afterthought, it is not privacy that concerns me, but my snoring in RV parks that have 4 ft. spacing!
Last week, when we were going through our orientation on our new trailerin Sherwood, Arkansas, the service technician told us the same thing about using the spray starch.

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