Demming to Alamogordo

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Nov 15, 2014
Hi All
Planning the springtime move back east.
Curious about road elevation from Demming NM to Alamogordo NM on Rt.70. I'm especially concerned going though San Austin Pass.
How bad is travel though the mountain range?
Going East out of Las Cruces there is a steady climb for a few miles on 70, then down hill for a few miles than pretty flat the rest of the way.  We have done it several times without issues.
You will not have any trouble from Deming to Alamagordo as far as elevation changes go. If you are unlucky or lucky, depending on your point of view, there may be a 1 or so hour delay while White Sands Missile Range fires a missile across the highway. That is a rare event though. Do not try to drive through Las Cruces on US 70, use I-10 to I-25 north to US 70. 70 is 4 lane all the way to Alamo and as mentioned is flat after the decent from the top of San Augustin (5700ft).
San Augustine eastbound is a pretty good pull - several miles of uphill but never real steep. If your rig has problems with that maybe unhook the toad and drive it up. There's a pull off at the top where you can hookup and see the view. The Mountain Directory is a handy resource of seeing what you might encounter in your travels.
Thanks Guys!
All good suggestions! This old girl has a tough slog on some of the steeper inclines.
Good idea to drive the toad up. Takes a good chunk of weight off.
Does your back east travel route include Cloudcroft?  If so that road from Alamo to Cloudcroft is a BEAR.  Very steep and windy - although good road.  I'd avoid pulling a trailer over that route......

Thanks, We are planning to take Rt. 70 north to Rt. 380 into Roswell, NM. Looking down with Google maps, it looks like it follows a river bed through the mountains.
By the way...Merry Christmas!
Yep - very familiar with that route and it is good for towing/rigs.  There are a few hills and whatnot but nothing too serious. 

Have a GREAT trip!  If you have time, check out Lincoln, NM.  It's where one of the big gunfight/jail breaks with Billy the Kid happened and is pretty interesting.

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