Did a little window shopping today

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Mar 3, 2013
Hey folks,
  We did a little looking today in Albany. We looked at A,c and finally super C. We really liked the super C we say from four winds. There are a couple reasons. First, I want a diesel, because we will do a lot of traveling out west. Also, the A class seemed just too big for us. Frankly, I was a little intimidated by them. The Super C is more like a truck, which I'm used to driving.

Any members here have any experience with these? I admit, I tried tio search, but I'm pretty lame in the IT department. My search yielded no results :(
Super C's are great, but don't discount class A's. Once you drive one you will find it as easy as a car.

Other reasons: Tons more class A's out there to choose from
                      Super C's are a bit more rare, Therefore higher priced.

If the super C is truly for you, Go for it, But give a Diesel pusher A a test drive. There are tons of benefits to them.
One of the numerous differences you'll see between any C and any A is that Cs generally have a longer overhang at the rear.  This means you really have to pay attention to swingout when turning corners as well as making sure the rear doesn't drag when doing such things as going in and out of parking lots with dips.  With our driveway we raise our A DP with the coach's air system to prevent drag when going in and asphalt gouging when going out.

Also, the visibility out the windshield is better in an A than a C.

Is a 36 ft Class A is longer than a 36 ft Super C?  Well, I suppose that 36 ft diesels are harder to find, though Tiffin is making  28 and 32 footers and both Fleetwood and Winnebago have 34's.
from my understanding, the ride in a Super C is a bit stiffer and not as soft as a class A DP.
also, there should be more living space in a class A, foot for foot.
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