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Jul 2, 2005
Charlotte, NC
I'm new to the forum, and also to rv'ing itself, but wanted to share one of my favorite hobbies.  This is about the sport of Disc Golf.  There are currently 1574 registered disc golf courses in the United States, and so many more owned and operated by private parties.  Also, there are 276 courses outside the US, so we are getting close to topping 2000 courses worldwide.  http://www.pdga.com/course/index.php

My first experience with the sport happened some 10 years ago.  A buddy and myself were trying to find a place to rollerblade.  We entered a local county park and saw a pretty strange looking devise, that people were tossing "frisbees" into.  We were like " what the heck is that?".  Well, to make a short story long, some dg people sent us to a store that carried specific disc golf discs.  They aren't like your normal frisbees that you toss around at the beach.  They come in different shapes and sizes, weights.  You have some that turn left, right, straight... some for long distances, and some for up shots.  They are all based on the same concept of a frisbee though.  The whole main object, is kinda like regular golf.  We carry discs for long distance drives (I can throw about 400ft in the air, or roll a disc as far as 550ft).  We have discs for medium and short up shots, then we end the hole with our version of a putter.  You tee from a specific spot, and try to get the disc into the entrapment, in the least amount of throws. 

a pic of our current World Champ

The sport can be relatively inexpensive... once you purchase the discs, most parks are free to play in.  There are some that are "pay to play" but the price isn't really that bad.  I spend some on collectable discs.. ones that aren't being offered anymore.  But all in all, it's a fun game to play.  Get to be outside, in nature, and throwin' discs  ;D.

Feel free to check out our local club.  It lists all our area courses, and some not so far away.  http://www.charlottedgc.com/.  Then there's also our PDGA, Professional Disc Golf Association, site http://www.pdga.com/index.php

Thanks for your time....


Welcome to our forum and thanks for sharing your sport with us. I'd never heard of disc golfing prior to reading your message, but it certainly looks like it could be a competitive sport. A bit more active than horse shoes.
I have never played disc golfing but I have an internet friend who plays constantly.? Sounded to me like a great game that gets people outside and walking and exercising.
JoyusWit said:
I'm new to the forum, and also to rv'ing itself, but wanted to share one of my favorite hobbies.? This is about the sport of Disc Golf.? wit

Hi Wit,

Hubby and I were walking in Eugene, Oregon last week when he pointed out the contraptions for the discs on the Disc Golf course .  I had no idea of the different sizes and weights of the discs.  Thanks for sharing that.  Some may recall a Quartzsite event where I used hula hoops and Frisbees  to set up a "golf course" for the participants.  If I recall we had prizes for both high and low scores.  What fun.
Betty Brewer

Thanks for the picture and explanation. We stayed at Terrible's Lakeside RV Park in Pahrump, NV this past week and saw these contraptions spotted around and couldn't figure out what they were all about. Now we know.
Smoky said:
Disc golfing at QZ is a fabulous idea!!? What a ton of fun that would be.? ?


When I gave up my job as a school principal I gave up one of my many perks.  I no longer have access to dozens of hula hoops and Frisbees.  Maybe we could get creative and each contribute a floor mat to use as a marker.  It would not blow away and everyone could take it  back home when finished with the game.  Now for the Frisbee  ideas.  ::)

I saw golf discs for sale for the first time yesterday.  I was in the Missoula Wall Mart looking around the sports section checking out golf ball prices and turned around  and there was a ten foot rack filled with golf discs of all different colors, sizes, shapes, and weights.  These are not our run of the mill Frisbees, but more like a set of clubs.  I assume each type of disc is used for different ranges to the "hole" and different conditions.  I can see a lot of money might go into acquiring a full set.

My guess, though, is that some adaptation of the game could be made by using the lowly Frisbee.  I bet that is how the game originated anyway.

The WM display was impressive though, and sent me a loud message that disc golfing is a real sport that is rapidly growing.
I used to live a 1/4 mile from a park in the 80s and I took my Old English Sheepdog (registered name Teiler Seiler) there to play Frisbee every day. Near the end of the 80s they put in a disc golf course at the park but I never tried it. I have some nephews that really big on disc golf. They post photos on Facebook. Here is a photo of me and Teiler in a competition in Santa Barbara.


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I have an officemate who plays in a league - I knew about disc golf but didn't know about there being leagues!

He also plays in an "ultimate frisbee" league - It's kinda like football combined with netball. Team advance the frisbee downfield to cross a goal line.

We used to play this in college in the 1970's in the grass on the quad - We are pretty sure we made it up as none of us had heard about it and we simply made up a set of rules to play.  Not saying we invented "ultimate frisbee" - we just invented a game to play.

Basically anyone could move about freely except the person who had possession of the frisbee That person could pivot but not take a step.  A catch in the "end zone" was how you scored. A drop or no catch in the end zone was loss of possession.

We switched to frisbee after some guy plowed into a cement bench playing flag football and cracked his head open - 19 year old guys can't play flag football more than 10 minutes without it becoming full contact - LOL...
There?s a small park a few miles from our house with a disc golf park. When I lived in England and worked at RAF Lakenheath there was a park across from my office that had a disc golf course. I?ve seen folks playing and they had bags with the different size/weight discs they carried through the course.
Wow, this is an old thread Tom,  neat doggy!

There is a disc golf park near the reservoir in Kanab. We couldn't believe it. There is one near our home in Scotland too.
We use standard Frisbees and make it a rule that all players use the same type of Frisbee. Great for the RV because they are small. Also recommend Bocce Ball and Corn Hole.
I played corn hole and can-jam (uses a Frisbee) for the first time at a family gathering. Can-jam would be especially easy to carry around in an RV. Good clean fun!
We have been playing disc golf for 2 1/2 years.  We are in the market now for a travel trailer, and plan to play wherever we travel to.

There are websites like https://www.dgcoursereview.com/browse_map.php and https://www.discgolfscene.com/courses/Florida where you enter your zip code and they will show courses nearby.

I am 74 and started doing it for exercise (probably walk close to 3-5 miles while playing).

I saw on Youtube an Asian man who is 100, and he plays everyday.

Hope to see you on a course.
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