Do I need to spend $200+ for a macerator pump??

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Feb 20, 2018
Upstate NY
Getting dizzy looking at macerator pumps as prices I see range from $75 up to $245 for some of the Flojets.

I would only expect to use it 2 or 3 times a year at most. Mainly to be able to drain and flush our black tank into our septic tank while parked at home. I've asked questions here before re. macerators and feel comfortable that one would work for us to be able to connect it to a hose then 100 feet or so (max depending on where/how we park) down a slope to the septic tank fitting.

I read a couple reviews with little good to say about Flojets claiming they are overpriced and or course, being the Internet, others rave about them.

All the online "Best of..." reviews seem to be mainly interested in getting you to click on their Amazon affiliate links. Would appreciate any specific recommendations, ideally based on personal experience using your macerator over a period of time. Hopefully there's a unit that would work for us at the right price with the right features.
I'm happy with this $61 Amarine Made macerator pump especially if you're only going to use it a couple of times a year. It has a removable end adapter so the pump hooks right onto an RV sewer outlet. I use a short sewer hose extension so the pump can sit on the ground instead of hanging it's weight off of the tangs connecting it to the RV's sewer outlet.

Amarine Made Macerator Pump
I had one and used it a couple times a year when it was a Long Long way to the hole in the ground. They work nicely.. Mine was a flo-jet portable. now. one thing they do not make clear (well two)

First. the switch handle on the portables has a fuse in it (It's under a rubber cover in the end of the handle)

Second the pump motor shaft extends all the way THROUGH the motor and out the "Bottom" (The connector being the "Top" it has a slot. Before you hook it up take a flat tool.. Washer. Quarter. Screwdriver Mending bar. Something flat that will fit in the slot and twist .> I believe Clockwise as you look at the slot end (The direction suggested by the hose fitting) the impeller blades tend to stick when it is not used for more than a few days.
I live in my TT most of the time and use a macerator pump a lot. I used less expensive ones, but eventually they wore out. I now use a Flojet which, for me, works well. It is pricey. But, for occasional use, a less expensive brand may be all you need.
We've had a "portable" flojet for many years. I semi-permanently installed it in our motorhome, primarily for use to dump and flush tanks when we arrived home, and during the pre-trip sanitizing process. Rarely used it at a campground that had sewer hookup. But, if I only needed one for occasional use, I'd likely go with an inexpensive one like Lou has.
We have a $100 12 gpm Sewerflo macerator pump for 2.5 years and it works fine
Appreciate the input from all. As others pointed out, given what will likely be limited use and the fact that there are so many models out there (many with good reviews) costing substantially less than the highest price ones, I ended up going with this macerator. Should be here later this week.

Now I need to decide what hose to get to go with this thing!

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