domestic DM2652lbfx refrigerator issue

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Aug 15, 2019
I have been trying to figure out my issue with our refrigerator for the past week.

Auto...check light comes on at about the 30 minute mark
Gas...check light comes on at the 20-30 minute mark. i checked the flame and goes out at that point...i turn the dometic off then back on and the pilot light flames up and stays on for another 30 minutes...

There are no exposed wires, the fuses on the control board dont seem to be busted. Not sure what im missing and why this thing isnt working. It cools inside while on, but i need it to stay on for our long stay in the trailer. Please help with any ideas you might have...ROOKIE TRAVEL TRAILER OWNER.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
The check light means no cooling, so of course the light on occurs in conjunction with the flame going out.  Auto would have shifted to gas if no shore power, so naturally the same check light occurs.

As to why the burner quits after 30 minutes, my best guess is that the flame sensor (which is also the igniter) stops reporting an active flame. The controller reacts by shutting off the gas to prevent a possible explosion.  It could be the igniter/sensor, or the wire from the sensor to the control baord, or possibly a defect in the board itself.  I'd clean and adjust the igniter/sensor and its wire connections and see if that helps.

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