Dometic RC 2000 Cooler Repair

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Jul 20, 2019
Hi All,
I am trying to diagnose and find parts for my Dometic RC2000 3-Way Cooler. The unit still operates fine in 12v or AC mode so the cooling system itself is good. The problem I have is the flame goes out when I release the pilot light button. I replaced the thermocouple and that is good as I get the green indicator arrow when it is lit. So there are only 2 other parts it can be. Either the safety gas shutoff valve or the solenoid that the thermocouple connects to. Is there any test I can do on either of these to determine the problem? I have a multitester so I can ohm out the solenoid but I don't know the spec. I included pics so you can see what I am talking about.
Thank you for any help. Patrick


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Interesting you mean I don't have it screwed in properly? I can do a simple continuity test I think to check it.
I have a multitester so I can ohm out the solenoid but I don't know the spec.

You don't need to know the ohms spec for a solenoid - just whether it opens and closes as needed.  You can verify that using either voltage or ohms measurements, but the ohms involved are either zero (closed) or infinite (open).
I found the start up sequence for the RC 2000. There is about a 1 minute depress time on the pilot button compiled from two stages.

Propane gas operation-Lighting the burner: open gas cylinder valve (fig. 2.2). turn gas thermostat knob (fig. 2.6) in the clockwise direction to MAX setting depress button (fig. 2.7) of flame failure safety device and keep it pressed down for about 20-30 seconds, the gas pipe to the burner is thus vented. keep tie button (fig. 2.7) of safety device pressed down and ignite the burner by pressing the piezogas lighter button (fig. 2.8) several times.
when the burner is lit, the red pointer of the flame indicator is going from the white into the green field. When the pointer is in the green field, keep knob (fig. 2.7) pushed for another 20-30 seconds, then release it. Check that the pointer remains in the green field. Check the flame visually through the opening (fig. 2.9). If the flame is not burning,repeat ignition procedure. if, for any reason, the gas flame goes out, the flame safety device works automatically and shuts off the gas supply. While the button (fig. 2.7) is depressed, this device is temporarily inoperative. when the refrigerator is no longer run on gas, turn off the gas supply at the gas cylinder.

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