Don't want to pay for a data plan

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Ok well sounds like yall are purty well heeled on this kinda stuff. Sure these smart folks get you on the right  trail soonish I come over here to figger out why Foxfire needs an update. They know more than the homepages. Its crazy. Love each an every one of the lurkers and frequent posters too. They are very special. Yes..that means you. Psalms 91 to all who reads these words of wit. Me and Miz Brenda Love you all very much.
My son has been through many verizon cell phones and we have been in your situation more than once!! 
I called verizon and the rep gave me a list of qwerty phones that did not require a data plan.  They sometimes have refurbished phones on their website but I find them too expensive, we have had luck on ebay finding older phones. 
Happy Hunting!  As others have said, they are getting harder to find...
I just got a new smart phone for me from best buy and my daughters too. They have an awesome return policy, you break it, no deductable and can replace it as many times as you break it, my teen age daughter is hard on phones so it works for us.
Just saying
Do you have Costco in your area.  If so, and they have a Verizon kiosk, buy your phone there.  That's what I did.  They have the same phones and the price is considerably less than the Verizon store.  Also, the sales tax that Verizon charges is based on the retail value of the phone.  Not so at Costco.  Sales tax is based on their selling price.  That saves $30 - $40.00 right there. 


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