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-Don- Reno, NV
Have you checked on Bob this morning?
He is safely in Reno's Renown Medical Center in the ER. I did see him last night at the hospital.

I picked up his oldest daughter (Debie) at the Reno Airport yesterday (from Phoenix, AZ) and took her there. She was coming here yesterday anyway. She had no idea all this happened until I picked her up at the airport.

What happens next is still uncertain.

-Don- Reno, NV
You're a good friend Don. Sorry to hear that news.
Debie and I went to visit him today at Renown Medical Center. Bob is now out of the ICU and in the regular hospital there.

Doc said his heart is working at less than 20% of what it should. And about the same with many of his other organs. So not real good news, but Bob is out of the ICU. He is very weak and has difficulty talking. But some of that could be the drugs they have been using on him.

-Don- Reno, NV
Debie & I just came back from the Reno Renown Medical Center to check on Bob again.

A good chance he will soon be in Hospice. Doc says they do not expect him to live long no matter what is done. All types of serious problems besides heart at below 20%. Kinney, lymphatic cancer and more.

Bob feels bad enough as it is and any type of treatments will make him feel a lot worse, even if they are successful.

Bad news all the way around.

-Don- Reno, NV
I just now took Debbie back to the airport, a couple of days earlier than expected. His other two daughters, Christina & Dianna fly in from Phoenix tomorrow and I will pick them up at the Reno Airport. All three of them live in Phoenix, AZ. I will drive them to the hospital as necessary. But they can drive Bob's car here too. But finding Bob at the Renown Medical Center from the parking lot is a complicated process so I will take them there tomorrow, so they know what to do next time if they go on their own.

Bob just signed the hospice papers last night, so he knows he is soon dying, but will go comfortably. His only reasonable choice is to die, but he has lived a decent 80-year life. He has little chance of making it to 81 in September. But at this point, the faster he goes the better. No way possible to live a decent life in his now quickly deteriorating (and painful) condition.

-Don- Reno, NV
Very sad Don. You've been a real friend helping like that.
I picked up Christina & Dianna at the Reno airport at 0930 hrs and from there, direct to Renown hospital, about two miles from the airport.

I think they are in shock to see the current condition of their dad. They are now at Bob's house, which is about a mile from me here. Just down the hill.

BTW, Bob is "My Italian Buddy" I mentioned here in this thread on message number 483 on Feb 9.

-Don- Reno, NV
Bob was professionally moved to Hospice in Fallon, NV today. He is now here.

AFAIK, they do not do Hospice in Hospitals. Hospitals are to fix people and prevent death. Hospice is to make sure you die faster, but comfortably with morphine and all that.

I took Diana to the airport today to fly back to Phoenix, I pick her up again next Friday, along with one other daughter, Chistina (Bob has three daughters) next Friday. Then I will take them to Fallon, in my Tesla, to see Bob. Fallon is 65 miles east of Reno, an easy one-hour drive. But I will go there on a motorcycle before then. Perhaps on Monday.

This gave me a break today to come to Auburn--on my Zero DSR/X electric motorcycle. Very nice day for the ride, not even that cold at the 7,240' summit.

I now have new solar roof all installed and completed here (this house roof--don't mean RV). I did NOT have to be here for it, and I watched them work here on the web from my cameras here, monitoring in Reno.

And the solar inverter is NOT making any electrical noise for my ham radio equipment. which is great. That was one thing I was concerned about. It's a Tesla Powerwall.

If the power goes out here in Auburn, I won't even know for many hours.

Only thing left is a link via email they are supposed to send me to watch if all. Such as KWHs left in the battery, a way to run it only on the battery, etc. I have not yet received that link. I will probably get that tomorrow, but it is completely installed and working.

-Don- Reno, NV
I drove Diana to Fallon to visit Bob.

As if Bob didn't have enough issues, they confirmed today he also has COVID. Not sure for how long and when he got it, perhaps when at Renown hospital?

Around a year and a half ago, Bob & I get COVID at the same time.

Both were like minor colds to each of us then.

Bob then had all three Covid shots. I never got the third because I caught Covid the same week I was going to get the 3rd shot. I figured then catching Covid was as good as the shot.

I was kinda thinking the Covid thing was over with.

BTW, I now have slight sore throat. Psychosomatic or Covid?

-Don- Reno, NV
Bob died in Fallon just a couple of hours ago.

Diana and I went to see him, earlier, we noticed then he was in a very deep sleep.

We met the hospice nurse there who said he has a day or two left at the very most. Bob was just then given a heavy dose of morphine a couple of hours before we arrived.

On our drive back to Reno, Diana's cell rang and it was the hospice nurse saying Bob just then died. Around 40 minutes after we saw Bob.

-Don- Reno, NV
You were a good friend to the end.
Will be a bit past the end as I still need to help Bob's three daughters with various things for a while. Stuff such as with picking them up at the airport and bringing them back, delivering legal papers to their attorney here. Driving them to various places, etc.

I pick them up at the Reno airport at different times and dates because of their work schedules in Phoenix.

All three of them will be here in the next week to do stuff such as clean up Bob's house and get it ready for selling.

So, I am still stuck here in Reno for a short while longer.

But I know I am doing what Bob would want me to do.

-Don- Reno, NV
So, I am still stuck here in Reno for a short while longer.
Hubby and I hope you are handling the stress of this.
We will be happy to hear about the trip you are planning later.

We are heading south next weekend to New Orleans.

Wonder if a hurricane will pop up on purpose?
Diana just telephoned me. Her dog (not that old but has kidney disease) was at the vet in Phoenix while she was here.

She just found out that her dog died. Perhaps also happened yesterday.

A double whammy for her.

She leaves Reno today. I take her to the Reno airport at 1130hrs. She got an earlier flight back to Phoenix.

She says her other two sisters will not be coming here until sometime in May.

So I will head for Auburn either later today or tomorrow and this time, I will stay there for a while.

I no longer have a need to rush back to Reno.

-Don- Reno, NV
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