Double Towing ?

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Oct 2, 2005

We've considering the purchase of a motorhome.  A question about towing has us perplexed--

We are SeaDoo (jetski) fanatics.  We have a double ski tralier with a total weight of around 2300 lbs.  I just can't see trying to back a Class A home down a boat ramp and launching the Doos !!

We'd also like to tow a vehicle for running around town--- and launching the Doos.  Probably somthing like a small truck or SUV (8cyl)

We'd like to attach the Doos' trailer to the motorhome, then the vehicle. This way, we can use the truck w/o having to juggle the ski trailer around.

Comments ?  SUggestions ?

I have envisioned a Ski trailer that has a detachable car carrier/trailer-- dreaming am I ? *grin*



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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Some states allow double towingwhile others do not.? For states that do not allow double towing it is illegal no matter where you are from.? There are no reciprocal agreements between state on weight limits or double towing.? If you do double tow make sure you do not exceed any weight limits or overall length limits.

Personally I do not think anybody should be allowed to double tow anywhere without special training and endorsement on their license as is required for CDL holders in most states.
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