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Nov 29, 2005
I am german and I have an Alfa Gold motorcoach with a Chrysler Sebring. At the
moment I have a Florida driver licence. But after 9/11 I have to renew
my driver license every time when my visa expires. At the moment we
use the Alfa for a month and then we come back to the US after 2
months for the next trip for a month and so on. My problem is to go
back to Florida only to renew the driver licence.
Is there an other solution to have insurance for my Crysler with my
german driver licence (for a reasable price) or to renew my driver
licence at the location we are with our Alfa. At the momnent we are in
Phoenix, AZ. Thank you for any ideas.

Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
From the Florida DMV site

Can I renew my license/ID Card online?

Non-United States Citizens: You must apply in person at a driver license office and present proof of legal presence.

My license/ID Card is about to expire and I'm temporarily out of the state, what can I do?
You have a number of options. You can renew online. You may also contact our Customer Service Center at (850) 922-9000 or by e-mail before your birthday. A 90-day temporary permit will be mailed to you along with renewal instructions. As part of the "motor-voter" process you can complete an on-line voter registration application for an initial registration in your county of residence or make changes (i.e.,address change) to your current registration.

Other than getting a 90-day extension, you appear to have to go to Florida.

Where are your vehicles registered? 

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