Driving to Central and South America

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Tango Dancer

Jan 17, 2007
Hello everybody, we (Bill and Carol) we are going  to travel to Central and South America in our 40 foot Diesel Motorhome and tow a Jeep. We did trip before with all our kids, and will do it again with out them now. We are retired so will take our time to enjoy the magnificent Latin American countries. We would like to have 2 or 3 more rigs to make this trip because is is safer this way (breakdowns, etc.) and will be much nicer to have people shering the beautiful places and the magnificent peoples of this countries. Like I said before, we did this trip before, and believe me, it is THE TRIP OF YOUR LIFE. We have a web site, www.movinon1.com, were we have recorded our last trip and the preparation for the next one. Bill


Feb 11, 2007
Blairsville, Georgia
Tried to look at the website, but was unable to locate it.  Is it really www.movinon1.com ?  We have thought about the trip, but have not done much research on it, so looking at your website may certainly help.
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