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Jan 6, 2013
Ok I have seached the site and ofcourse the web but to no avail. I have a Duo-Therm Roof unit By Dometic.
It works great and has the add on heat strip. Problem is the heat strip is either on or off no thermostat. It was designed to take the chill off as the manual says however the tt this is in was canadian built and is tight. The roof heater can heat the tt in cool spring-fall weather. Is there anyway to hook the heat strip into the thermostat?  Model is 600315.304  I have seached for some time and get nowhere. I talked to a couple dealers who say replace it and update it. It is a 94 after all. However it works well and I do not want to throw it away for something like this.  Any Ideas?  ;D
Easiest thing would be to wire in a line-voltage thermostat, which you can buy at any hardware store or home center.  If you place it on the ceiling 6-8" away from the air box you can just run the wires on the surface of the ceiling, and it will work OK.  Probably the cheapest way to go.  Just wire it in series with the heat strip itself, and when the coach is warm enough the fan will stay on and the heat strip will switch off.

If you want something better looking you can put in a relay with a 12v coil and then use a small snap-action thermostat with smaller wires which you can then run through the walls.  That's what I ended up doing with my electric heat setup.
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