DX4WIN autologger and Yaesu FT-857D

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Mar 11, 2005
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Anyone here familiar with the DX4WIN auto logging program?

I am looking at the demo and it looks pretty cool.  It can log the frequency and mode of the QSO directly from the radio, and the date and time from the computer.  And there are hundreds of features including interface with Internet databases on a real time basis, maps, rotator control, RTTY,CW,PSK control, QSL and Awards management, and much more.

I know there are dozens of other logging programs and I am a bit overwhelmed by the selection.  anyone else have a favorite they can recommend?

Today I am headed down to HRO to get the PC interface cord for the FT857D.  Anyone know what port the Yaesu cord connects to?  I am hoping the USB port as this new HP strangely does not have a serial port.
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