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Adventurous Traveler

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Feb 1, 2023
Western New York
In my opinion, two things will prevent E-RV's larger than perhaps class Bs from becoming anything more than a topic of conversation. First is the obvious, range of use. To most, an E-RV would be a novelty at best for those who weekend camp at the state park ten miles from their home (would be perfect for my SIL and BIL!). The second will be cost vs a fossil fuel rig. When you look at the average cost of an EV today being well in the $40K area, what would the cost comparison be with an E-RV? And, how many EVs bought today are only bought because of the huge government subsidies in the thousands of dollars that make them affordable to some? I doubt there would be the same gov't giveaways on RVs.

Down the road, I just wonder if the cost of EVs of any nature will totally price themselves out of practical use. I'm waiting for the horrors of lithium mining in Africa to become more well-known. Plus, when will we be held hostage to lithium like OPEC likes to play games?

I find it interesting that GM just announced the closure of two large battery factories and at the same time announced an $86 million expansion to two V8 engine plants.
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