Eastern Sierras fishing report

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Yep, I am ready for fishing this season...I have three guided fishing days and a couple of weeks on my own scheduled for this summer,  the Rogue and Umpqua River in June (guided), Panguitch/Mammoth Creek, UT (on my own) in July, and Jackson, WY (guided) in August. I am excited!

I have to admit that I am more of a fisherman than a "catcher-man", with all of the boats, gear, and what-not I've purchased over the years just to catch fish, my catch to cost ratio is an eye-opening $1,000.00 per pound or more...:) 
Do you have any Zebco's.... An old 202 is a war horse: I caught alot of bone fish with them.

Tom, do you know anything about fishing in Donner lake?  We will be there over the July 4th week.  Any info you can pass along?

Sorry Steve, I've never fished Donner Lake. But a google search turned up these:


You're welcome Steve. Be sure to post photos of the big catch!
Along Highway #395 between June Lake and Bishop is Convict Lake.  I haven't fished it as we fly fish streams and the Owens Valley area, but I've heard it has some good fishing.  There are also a couple of other small lakes on the "June Lake Loop" road.

Across from Convict Lake is a BLM campground; and around the June Lake Loop is a National Forest Campground and a private one which I can't recall the name of... ;D

There's also Crowley Lake off Hwy 395 south of Mammoth. But all these places are a long way from Donner Lake.
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