Electrical ghosts / bad ground?

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Dec 19, 2008
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I have some electrical "spirits" that I suspect may be a bad ground somewhere.  For quite sometime, off and on, the abs light barely glows. It seems more likely to happen in wet weather.  Two days ago while driving in cold wet weather, the light was glowing just enough to see, and I noticed occasionally the fuel gauge would twitch downward, then after several seconds it would recover. About the same time the gauge was twitching I often saw the toad brake monitor light flicker. Because I seemed to be having a power problem (later fixed that by replacing fuel filter), I stopped and checked the toad and the brake was not coming on (cold wheels, no dragging brakes). I disconnected the toad brake air line and resumed driving ...the monitor light (supposed to be powered only by the toad brake lights) still flickered sometimes. I am suspecting a bad chassis ground, somewhere exposed to the weather ...but the toad monitor light sounds more like a short. What do the electricians say ...am I on the right track?
It is not terribly unusual for an ABS wheel sensor/harness to break or come loose and that can cause some oddities. I also has a headlight wire come loose and intermittently short against the frame, typically in wet weather. Never noticed the head lamp because we rarely drive the coach in the dark, but the windshield wipers and some gauges would get whacky at times. Noticed the broken headlamp plug one day and fixed it and the other weird problems went away.
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