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Mar 12, 2005
Made two purchases this year which I wish I had made years ago. One was a flojet macerator pump so I can dump at home. The other was an Electric Management System. There are several but I got the Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C Hardwired system (I have a 30 amp system). It pretty much paid for itself when I pulled into what I thought was the best shady campsite at an RV park in southern NM when the daytime temps were around 108. After I hooked up, the AC wouldn't run and the electric clicked off. Checked out the EMS indicator and found the 30 amp circuit was only putting out about 105 volts with the park practically empty. Called the CG manager and he couldn't argue when he saw the readout. After checking with the local power company, it turmed out that there was a bad leg that affected several sites. Might have burned out my compressor if I didn't have the EMS. Anyhow, got moved to another site with good power.

Now here's another deal. I carry a 50 amp to 30 amp power adapter cord just in case. I didn't know later that the 50, 30 and 20 amp connections at each site are separate circuits. I might have been able to keep my shady site if I had tried using the adapter to connect to that site's 50 amp plug. Later on this summer I found that to be true when I went to a FamCamp in the deep south. It was HOT and there was an empty shady site that had a bad 30 amp circuit. Sure enough, I checked the 50 amp circuit at that site and it was OK.

Moral: Always check the site"s electric before hooking up and/or invest in a good EMS system. If you have a 30 amp system, get a 50-30 amp adapter just in case.

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