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Oct 31, 2005
I purchased a 2005 Starcraft Antigua in August of 2005.  When I just went to winterize the camper, I hooked it up to my truck so I could work the water pump.  None of the power worked.  I checked the breakers to find that the converter breaker had been flipped.  After turning it back on, the power still did not work.  I then tried hooking it up to 110 volt power supply.  When I hooked the power up, there was a burning smell coming from the fuse/electrical panel.  There was no smoke, just a strange smell.  The air conditioner and microwave still worked as they only run on 110 volts, but anything that ran through the converter would not work.  No water pump, lights, slide-out, etc.  I have checked all the fuses and none are burnt.  I checked the wiring under the trailer to see if I could locate a short, and was unable to find anything.  Any ideas of what I could look at or what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated!




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Mar 3, 2005
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Kind of sounds like the converter itself is malfunctioning. Does the circuit breaker for it stay on, or does it trip off again? Where is it located? In or behind the breaker/fuse panel? Typically they will have fuses mounted on them for the positive output leads(s). Pull them and flip on the c.b. Does it still put out a smell? If yes, then it's almost surely the converter. Check for worn or chafed wiring from the unit to the dc distribution panel, and loose connections coming from it. You may also try disconnecting the output leads from it and hooking up a 12V battery to them to see if the lights, etc. work then (put a 20 or 30A fuse in series with the positive lead just to be on the safe side). If you do that, make sure all shore power is turned off and disconnected.


I'd also bet on the converter.  Same happened to me once and that's was the culpret.
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