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Oct 12, 2012
I have a 99 Chieftain 34 y and have been green lighted to up grade the electronics,  first is I would like to put a 7" inch touch screen in place of the radio presently installed in the dash.  This is a double din radio so my son says it may not be possible.  I would like to look behind the dash to see what's there can the dash be swung up as I heard some can and has someone installed a double din touch screen.

Second I have a winegard model RD-4600 plus I am a suscriber to direct tv I have been told that I can get a reciever from direct though it has to be a certain model has it will be sd not hd. has anyone done this install and what recievrer should I ask for.

Finally have a crt tv would like to upgrade to LCD is there a type required for motorhomes

A lot to ask but when the better half gives you the go light to raid the piggy bank now isnt soon enough.



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Jun 28, 2012
Saginaw, TX (north fort worth area)
In my 99 Winnebago Adventurer which has a ford chassis, the dash just lifts up which makes getting to all the electronics behind the dash very easy.  In mine, I believe it would take just about any conventional auto stereo.  Alpine, Kenwood, etc..

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May 28, 2005
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The Winegard RD 4600 crank up dish will work with Direct TV. I used one for years until I upgraded to a Winegard SK3005 Traveler. It will not pick up HD but works great for SD.

The Direct TV H and HR 25 and 35 series will not work with it as is,but an additional unit called a SWM8 that Winegard sells will allow those receivers to work with it.

There is another new series just coming out that may be a H and HR 40 or 41 series I think also requires the SWM8.
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