Equalizer Hitch With Another Trailer?

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Mar 30, 2013
We just got a new 21' Rock wood 2109s. This is our first camper with a WD hitch with sway control. We got an Equalizer hitch to do the job. My question--- our boat doesn't need (or hasn't had at least) a WD hitch/sway control and we have always used a normal 2" ball normal hitch for it (18' runabout boat). 

So--- can I just use the WD hitch for it? I wouldn't use the anti-sway bars of course but I wondered if there was any harm in using the 2" ball on the Equalizer hitch instead of having to switch the hitches out each time .

Thanks for your help!
As long as you are using 2" balls on both and no part of the trailers tongue touches the hitch on the truck, you are good to go.
Thanks for your reply!

I am probably being dense but I don't get how part of the trailer's tongue would touch the hitch? How would that happen?

It's probably obvious and I am just not getting it.

A conventional hitch has just the tongue that the ball rests on underneath the ball.  A WD hitch has a bigger head, so there's more that can bump against the trailer frame.

Don't just look at it with the trailer hitched straight and level.  Picture what it might do off-camber, in a sharp turn, going up or down a driveway V, etc.
My recommendation is to not use the WD ball mount for the boat trailer.    You could indeed have conflicts between the ball mount and the trailer tongue -- especially if your boat trailer uses surge brakes.  A simple  class I or II ball and mount is cheap enough, why risk your expensive WD ball mount?
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