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Feb 19, 2006
Has anyone had any experience with the Escalade 5th wheel trailer made by EZ. Siupposedly a top of the line trailer that I am considering upgrading to in lthe near future/ Thanks


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Dec 6, 2005
Memphis TN
Yup, supposed to be 'top of the line' -- not sure who's line though.

When we started the 'lets get a fiver' search, one of the first brands we looked at were Escalades (mainly because that was the closest dealer). The first thing I noticed / determined was that they were overpriced for what you got - they didn't seem to have that 'Escalade' touch that is related to the Caddy Escalade. The biggest decider against on what that it didn't inspire that 'I could live in this' feeling. Looked at quite a few different brands both new and used, and ended up going with the Everest 364Q for about 15K less than the comprable Escalade, much better fit and finish, and definately fired up the 'I can live in this' feeling.

This is all just my opinion, but I'm sure that there are others that will disagree with me opinion, and do their level best to explain to me just how 'wrong' my opinion really is ....

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