Escape Travel Trailer (built in Chilliwack, B.C.)

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Petit Lapin

Feb 10, 2006
My husband and I are looking for folks who own --- or have owned --- an Escape Travel Trailer (17' fiberglass, sold only in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan).? We have compared its on-line specs and photos to the Casita, with which we are familiar, and are inclined to buy the Escape because it meets more of our needs (lots of light, no rivets, good interior layout).

We'd like to hear from folks who can share their experience of owning an Escape:
- what options did you choose and would you choose the same ones if you were doing it again?
- how long have you owned it and how much use has it had?
- how has it been holding up to the use it has had?
- have you needed to have anything repaired?? what?
? - Was the part under warrranty at the time and, if so, what was your experience with the Escape manufacturer?

Overall, would you recommend this travel trailer to others who want a small, very lightweight trailer?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our questions!

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