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Aug 7, 2015
As a newbie, what would you consider the minimum but essential tools to carry in a motor home?
I am not a handyman but can sometimes stumble thru fixing something


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Nov 1, 2017
Well, just the basics probably.

This was discussed a few weeks back, here is a link to many useful ideas,101789.0.html


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May 7, 2015
Western Kentucky
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Start with the VERY basics.  A wrench for the water heater drain, cordless screwdriver with a #2 square bit (fits almost all screw heads in almost all campers), pair of pliers, hammer, duct tape.  Anything else you need in the future is available at the local Wally World.


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Apr 25, 2018
Id suggest a multimeter for sure.  Odds are at some point your going to need to follow some wiring somewhere.  You ca pick one up for$20 with alot of features.


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Aug 9, 2012
Saint Johns, FL
I'd suppose I'd focus on the basics of what you use based on your own level of handiness.  that might be just a screwdriver or two for some folks....

I've always carried my basic tool bag from home.  I'm fairly well handy and I have a few big tool boxes and lots of odd things on the shelf, power tools, etc...
but for about as long as I can remember I've maintained a little tool bag...maybe something like 10in x 12in in footprint, 6 or 8 inches deep...with little pockets all around. A couple sizes of each type of screwdriver, standard pliers, linesman pliers, maybe a channel lock, needle nose pliers, a small set of "tiny" screwdrivers...a few commonly used nut driver sizes, a box cutter knife, maybe a scraper or small putty knife, measuring tape...those kinds of things
and a multi-meter.
oh, I also typically carry a cordless drill/driver and a small selection of bits and drivers for it.
I've used just about all of it...a lot early on when I was working through all the stuff the factory forgot to put that second screw in all the drawer slides for example.
I've still had to stop at a hardware along the way and buy a little thing or too I didn't have handy, especially bad when I know I have one at home, but it is what it can't bring everything.

I don't bother with larger stuff to work on the chassis.

Not too long ago, i put together a duplicate kit to just leave in the RV.  Some of those tools I just bout some rather cheapy stuff but the same sorts of things...and I added a low cost IR tempertaure "gun" and a small selection of misc. screws and such
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