exhaust brakes

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chef john

Active member
Aug 26, 2006
Could someone please explain how an exhaust brake works? I am thinking about putting one on my 2003 Duramax Diesil but I really know nothing about them. Are they worth it? Biggest mountains I will ever get into will be the Blue Ridge Mountains. Any help will be appriciated!!

N Smock

Well-known member
Mar 9, 2005
Long Branch, NJ

My recommendation regarding the installation of an exhaust brake is do it if you are hauling a big load. I have the 03 GMC and have a Banks brake installed. I tow a 11,000 lb trailer, we attacked the West with the brake. On most grades it was not necessary to use the service brake, unless the grade was > 5%. The brake is only functional in the tow mode since the converter is locked up in the tow mode. I have been in the Blue Ridge before  not with this rig and they too have some heavy grades. So go for it.

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