Extended levellers, hydraulic fluid leaking?

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Oct 23, 2012
Hi everyone - tonight I extended our levellers and I went to make sure all was ok, and noticed some dripping under the coach. It's a red liquid so I am assuming it's hydraulic fluid leaking from the levelling system. I got underneath and took a picture of where the fluid is coming from. Am I correct that this is from the levelling system? It looks like it's leaking from one of the nuts.

If it is indeed leaking from the levelling system, would this be something I could fix on my own? Where would I check the level of fluid? Thanks for any replies!

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Hi Mike - I'm not familiar with your unit.  Stand by to see if anybody else has an idea.  Several forum members have replaced hoses and solenoids so if it is the jacks, then it sure could be a DIY project.  Do you know who made the jacks?  HWH?
If it is at one of the nuts it may be able to be tightened down.  There is also "o" rings in many of the connections.  It may need replaced.  You can always call HWH with your model #. They can tell you if the line in question is repairable. 
It looks like you may be able to just tighten the nut. Look for any cracks in that fitting. The resevoir should be just above that point.
I was able to tighten the nut slightly, so far...no leak! Thanks!
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