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steve jones

Jun 26, 2011
My wife and I traded in the 2005 and got a 2019 Ventana.  The warranty options will expire in April.  I had an extended warranty with good sams for years with the 2005 and it payed off several times to have it.  Checking now it seems they all have gone up quite a bit.
With good sams the warranty I used to have costs way more than what it did before as you have to lock in the price for 7 years to get the best deal.
Wholesale Warranties has the same coverage and more for half the price.  I am leaning towards them but want to know who has had experience with them.
And yes I considered self insured, but the first time I used good sams with the other coach, it was over 5k for the repair.  It would take a couple of years of payments to get that.
any comments???

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Wholesale Warranties is just a sales agent, so you will want to ask them who the extended warranty insurance policy will be with and check that company's reputation.  I don't think WW represents and fly-by-night insurers, but that's for you to judge.  And read the policy terms carefully - sales agents tend to be glib about benefits and quiet about the gotchas.


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Jul 15, 2013
Southwest FL
We've had WW for five years and have been extremely happy with them, and so have the repair shops and mobile techs. Portfolio is the name of our actual insurer.


Site Team
Jul 1, 2006
Land of Lincoln
Extended warranty carriers only make money if they DON'T have to pay full claim amounts. Conservatively speaking, I've read that at least 80% of the cost of an extended warranty goes to profit, marketing, and commission for the 3rd-party seller. Leaving 20% or less going to paying claims. It sounds like you're "up" on the house on past warranties, so congrats on that! The best I've ever done with an extended warranty is break even, most of them I never needed/used. Hence I never buy them anymore.

Whatever you decide, read all the fine print carefully before signing anything. When you say "same coverage and more for half the price" that math doesn't seem to make logical sense. I'm not suggesting the policy won't cover items listed, but it probably means there could be large deductibles and other exclusions that may still leave you with a hefty bill on a big repair item. An example from a past auto extended warranty I had involved the A/C system replacement... the warranty covered parts & labor for the compressor, but not the condensor or evaporator (which also needed to be replaced because the bad compressor had blown metal shards through the entire system). So a "covered" repair still cost me several hundred dollars that I wasn't expecting, on top of the deductible.

You also want to know how reputable the warranty carrier is (if they go bankrupt you are out of luck), and how widely-accepted their product is (doesn't help to have coverage if the repair shop won't work with a particular carrier).
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