ExtendingAdding and extra antena for Winegard Air 360+, is it possible and how?

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Jun 14, 2021
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
We added a Winegard Air 360+ to our 5th Wheel and last year we for a seasonal site but my ParK WIFI signal is "ugly"
Between the cedar trees (which I am told eat WIFI signals) the trailers next door and the mounting location of the Winegard Air 360+ on the back slope of the 5th wheel the signal is not good.
If I walk my cell phone to the front of my lot, I go from 5 to 100 speed. also, if I put my cell on a broom and get it 3 feet higher than the current mounting of the Winegard Air 360+ my signal also experienced significant speed increases.
So, I am wondering if the is a smart electronics person that might have solved this issue with an extension antenna and how to do it.
I think this doable, but no idea how and what is needed. (as well I can’t find a good circuit board diagram to see if there is an existing port I can tap into)
You want to integrate an antenna with the Winegard 360? Cause otherwise its easy enough to install an external wifi antenna and connect to that rather than via the Winegard.
I dont have a preference to a soluition
I have the Winegaurd and it worked well for the last year traveling, but not the position is causing an issue. I also want to have protection behind a modem with the GW-1000
My Winegard 360+ is moutned on the 5th Wheel trailer but it seems has a bad signal/signial strenght as it is mounted 2/3 of the way back on the downward slope.
I am wondering if I can and how can I connect/add a external wifi antenna to the Winegard 360+ to the front of my trailer where I get 10X the WIFI speed for some strange and wonderful reason.
There surely is a way it could be done; afterall, there is both a cellular antenna and a wifi antenna somewhere inside that dome. The question is the skills and costs involved to make the mods. I doubt if anybody here has already done this, so you (or a friend) will have to dig inside and figure it out.

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