Fall Colors

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Len and Jo

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Apr 25, 2005
We got home Wednesday from a fall color trip ( Michigan U.P., Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and last but not least Michigan).  We drove from Detroit area to Northfield Minnesota via Michigan's U.P. from September 29th to October The colors were not at their peak from September 28th through the 30th.  The colors were not at their peak.  Highway 64 across Wisconsin from Menominee Michigan (Michigan UP closest point to Green Bay) to Red Wing Minnesota was O.K. but not at its peak.  Michigan and Minnesota were ho-hum.  The trip home was a different story.  Same route in reverse was GREAT.  What a difference 3 days makes!!  Wisconsin along highway 64 was really beautiful, mile after mile.... .  Michigan's U.P. was not peaked on October 5th when we crossed over into the lower part of the state.  We both felt that Wisconsin's rolling farm lands were the best.  In three weeks we will be heading south for the Fall Rally.


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Mar 22, 2005
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We were in Petosky for the weekend.  Drove the tunnel of trees.  (not large moho friendly)  (should be 50% or more)  No color yet.  Got down to 29d Friday nite. There was a large cloud bank, so no sunset. Colder on Saturday. Nothing like enjoying a campfire in winter jackets, and gloves.  Lake Michigan was very calm. We have never seen it that way. Kinda of erie.......Cloudy so we didn't take any pictures.  Woke up Sunday morning to a killing frost. Burrrrrrrrrr.  But it will help the colors turn.  Diesel was $3.09 at the Flying J in Standish, and $3.19 at the Shell in Petosky. We have very little color at the house. (south of Detroit). Up state Mich. is always beautiful, color or not.

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