Fall or Spring?

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Jun 13, 2006
Lakes Region, New Hampshire
My wife and I are getting ready to buy our first RV.  We've done lots of research and have it narrowed down to a couple models.  My question is -- when is the best time to buy an RV, fall or spring?  I've heard conflicting stories from people.  Some say to buy this year's leftover model from the dealer in October or November when they are desperate to unload inventory to make room for next year's models.  Others say that you can get the best deals at the RV shows in the spring. 

Any thoughts?  I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered.

-- Derek


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Jan 22, 2006
Depends on  couple of things. If you want the latest and most up to date and are buying new, then the winter time is the best time.  They have worked out lots of bugs and things roll somewhat smoothly. Still on new if you want price then it's late in the season when the new models are coming out.  Plan on driving it a long time to make up the difference if you buy the one early.  On used.  just remember the price goes down as the year passes and the prices shuld be cheaper.  Same as autos

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
I suppose that fall/winter might get you some extra discount in northern states, but in the south it is actually a big RV selling season - cause the snowbirds arrive and go shopping.  By an dlarge, I think you can get about the same discount anytime, if you bargain hard.  The dealer may offer up a beter "sale" price in late fall, but in most cases you could have gotten pretty much the same deal earlier, if you worked at it.  Try for about 20-25% off the MSRP (ot a fictitious dealer sticker - the real MSRP).  You can get 25% off mid & high end rigs and 20-25% off entry level stuff.  Just keep shopping for the right price.
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