Fan clutches

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Apr 21, 2013
Morris, IL.
earlier in the year I posted about my fan clutch never disengaging until highway speeds and there was much discussion over the matter,some stating that their's would do the same. My engine temps were never the issue so I changed over to a genuine acdelco one which stopped all my concerns. It would cycle on and off as needed and never would be engaged over 40 mph as enough air is going through the radiator and the engine compartment. Well after 400 miles on the way down here to Ohio it lock on and would never disengage even, at 65-70mph. I had to get some off brand yesterday at your local chain store but, it is doing the job for now. I am wondering if there is a better duty acdelco one that I can get thats actually rated for the motorhome or even an P30 chassis tow truck? Anyone that has a part number would be appreciated 


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May 6, 2012
I would look at Summit Racing, they have several heavy duty and severe duty fan clutches and I would look at the hi flow HD thermostats.


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Jan 6, 2018
Watertown NY
AC Delco has 3 lines, Original Equipment, Professional, and Advantage.
Original Equipment is the Same part that is used on the production line.
Professional is pretty much a better quality aftermarket part made by a number of manufacturers.
Advantage is an economy aftermarket part.
Sometimes for older vehicles, the Original Equipment part may not still be available , so the Professional line may be all GM offers.

Fan clutches are one of those things, an Original Equipment part is hard to beat. Most aftermarket do not seem to work as well, and typically don't cycle the same as OE.
Not sure what you installed, But all those should have at least a 1 year warranty.

I had a 1993 Chevy 1500 with a 305 several years ago, the original fan clutch was finally worn out at around 175k!
I installed one from Autozone, (which I typically try to avoid), it lasted the next 3 years I owned the truck, but it took a while for the fan to unlock when you first started it on a cool morning.
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