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Feb 28, 2006
Hi Everybody!
My husband and I bought a popup camper a little over a month ago....took a trip for a week.....decided we need something bigger.? Actually, I said I wasn't taking the trip we have planned from SC to Montana without a bigger trailer.? So, anyhow, we are seriously looking at a 2006 Rockwood (by Forest River) model 2603.? Does anybody know anything about the quality of Rockwood travel trailers?? Aesthetically, they look great, but I'm not sure that tells me anything about the quality.? Also, the dry weight is 4269 lbs. and we plan to pull it with our '98 Ford Expedition.? Anybody have any concerns about that?? I know we need an equalizer hitch and anti-sway system (I got that much from reading this forum).
Looking forward to hearing from y'all,
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