fiberglass cracks structural or cosmetic

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Jan 27, 2007
hi im new to looking at a 1984 class c chevy question is if the fiberglass that goes from the van front end to the rv body has cracks in it is it structural or cosmetic?the cracks are about 4ft or chest level high and are 6 to 7inches long.the owner told me that this is common in older class c motorhomes and nothing to worry this true?

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
Sadly the answer to your question is "Yes"  They are either structural or cosmetic and sans a hands on inspection I can't tell.

I would suggest a good RV or Boat body man take a look at it,,, Perhaps a friend who works on the six=pack plan if you can.

I have some "Stress cracks" in my almost new rig, however these are not structural, they are in the paint only and in an area where I don't give a you know what.  So I'm not worried about them,, Just keep them sealed with wax

Yours, I can't see, I can't feel and I can't tell  Sorry. 

Cracks in the finish on any large somewhat flexable panel do happen.  But the question is are they serious


Oct 29, 2006
SoCal - The Golden Empire
Before my last 2 coaches, I've owned a couple of older RV's, a 1989 class C and a 1979 class A.  I've never had a problem with cracks in the fiberglass to the extent you are depicting and, although I'm not an expert, I believe the cracking you are describing is potentially a significant problem.  I agree... have it checked professionally and avoid a possible $$$$$ mistake.
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