Filon to luan adhesives

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May 31, 2019
Hi this is my first time posting.  Last weekend coming home from our camping trip we noticed the right front corner of our trailer was separating.  After getting home and taking the trim off we found that the Filon has become delaminated from a leak in the roof.  About 6? of the right side has to be repaired.  I?m purchasing a new roof and ply to fix the roof and new luan to fix the side wall that?s come apart.  I?m have a lot of trouble finding what to use to adhere the Filon fiber glass to the new luan wood I?m putting up for the exterior.  I?ve read that contact cement works great.  Which cement that?s readily available via Home Depot or amazon etc is good to use.  Should it be rolled on or sprayed on.  Thank you for any help.


Jun 1, 2019
Thanks for the tip Old Crow!
The Composet site answered all my questions immediately. I?ll be ordering a kit soonest. I just purchased an older Class A with a few areas of delamination and had come up with a fairly good plan.
But I missed the Styrofoam friendly detail altogether -  that may have been interesting.
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