Finding out Lariat!’s tow ability

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Jan 8, 2015
calgary alberta
Maybe in Canada, but that would be highly unusual in any US-based insurance. Nor would fines apply in most any US state or city. About the worst would be potential civil liability if it could be shown that the overweight condition led to an accident that damaged someone else or their property. However, an overweight condition would likely void the warranty on any part that was affected by it (but NOT the entire vehicle warranty).
I actually checked with 3 insurance companies here in Canada Icbc in British Columbia,State Farm and Wawanesa here in Alberta all three said while the trailer insurance is typically covered under an extention of your home insurance and would be covered.And even though car insurance does cover stupidity having an overloaded tow vehicle could indeed void the tow vehicle policy under current overload rules and depending upon what traffic ticket was issued if at all.
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