First good cleaning!

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Apr 12, 2005
Roman Forest, TX.
Well folks, I just got done with my first really good cleaning of the trailer.? "Spring Cleaning" so to speak.? I did it because the black streaks and bugs were starting to bug me.? So I got some black streak cleaner, and some rubber roof cleaner, and other odds and ends (including one of the wands to get inside the black tank and clean it good), and went to town.? All I can really say is, I'm glad I have a swimming pool!? I was drenched with sweat after I got done.? The pool felt sooooo good!? But after the cleaning, the "bit of an odor" I had from the black tank is gone, the rubber roof looks sooo much better, and all the bugs and black streaks are gone.? Man, I should have taken a picture of it!? This is not a chore I'd recommend often, but it is worth it in the end.? Makes you feel like you got a whole new rig.? Now it's time to take it back out and start all over again!!
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