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Feb 18, 2006
We just took our first trip in our new Allegro Bay FRED.  Really enjoyed the trip, albeit a little nerve racking in the new rig.  We only found two minor problems.  both of the outlets in the drivers side slide failed to carry electricity.  I checked everything including the GFCI's and still not working so I will let Tiffin deal with it when I go up to visit soon.  I felt that the FRED was just a little underpowered, but hey I got 11 MPG on a new engine.  It rained all one day and we had no water leaks.  On our final day we got ready to leave about 9 AM and when retracting the drivers side livingroom slide I heard this big crash.  I immediately stopped retracting the slide and went out to look where a couple of other campers were staring at a huge sheet of ICE that had come off of my slide and crashed to the ground.  One of them said that the water should not have collected like that on the slide awning.  So I guess I will have tiffin check that out too.  I am still having trouble figuring out the DVD /Sat/SIRIUS/home theater system/and all of the remotes and what controlls what.  The in-motion Sat will probably never get used cause that is over the top of my head litterly and figuratively.


Jan 13, 2005
Thanks for the report on your FRED.

Unless the slideout awnings are angled to allow water to run off, you'll get water collecting up there and turning to ice. We had large sheets of ice on our slideout awnings earlier in this trip, as did several coaches next/near to us. One guy tore up the fabric on one of his awnings when he tried to retract the slideouts.

Jim Dick

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Hi CapnD,

As Tom mentioned you will get water collecting on slideout awnings. There are very few rigs that allow a steep enough angle to prevent this. Do not try to over tighten the awning. This will cause other things to fail. possibly the fabric itself. The awnings are mainly for keeping debris from falling on the roof and damaging the seals when the slide is brought in without inspection of the roof.
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