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Jul 7, 2005
Southern California
I have owned my '93 Vectra for almost a month.

I have replaced the radiator, vacuum hoses, valve adjustments and a number of Small things, I was ready to take her for a drive.

First I went up the long and steep inclines of the Grapevine North of Los Angeles, that was the warm up. Friends then joined for a 400 mile cruise on freeways, mountain roads and some of the smallest windiest roads one could imagine. For those near LA, 136 near Palmdale to Lake Hughes and from there to Castaic. The vehicle performed flawlessly, considering I was driving in a 100 degree heat, the temperature maxed at 215 on the steepest part of the grapevine, cooled right down to 190/180 on the level. Braking and turning was excellent on the small roads (I love the retarder) and wind gusts were barely noticed. There are a couple of small issues which I will state on a separate post. Onan generator was running the whole time and we camped on a dirt road in the desert on the first night. Things stayed cool and no leaks or major rattles were noted. I had a lot of fun.
Hi Cascabel3

Glad the first run worked out OK with only some minor issues.
Thanks Tom,

what a blast to be fully self contained and comfortable in a 100 degrees.  But even just driving is so much fun.  I had a hard time stopping at times, I could have just gone on and on, listening to the diesel purr away.  It seemed that the more I drove, the better she ran.

I have a driver who just likes driving, so I sit back and enjoy the ride. When we're on the highway, I'm either online or listening to music.

I suspect your driver is like my driver.  Sam doesn't really even want to share the drivers seat.  She has picked up on Betty's blue and pink jobs thing.  She says outside jobs are blue jobs and inside jobs are pink jobs,  Then she notes the drivers seat is inside. ;D


Glad you had a very enjoyable first run.  Hope all your trips are as enjoyable.
Hi Cascabel3, I too am dying to hit the road but work keeps getting in the way. I just picked up a 01 Winnebago Journey with a 330 Cat/6 spd combo and can't wait to rack up the miles. We drove it twice down to the inlaw's ( about 60 miles each way) to see how it handles. It is our first diesel pusher and it seems to be the way to go. Our first camping trip will be down to Pomona for the NitroNationals drag races. A good friend of mine want me to help pit for the car so we're camping at the KOA across the street. The following weekend we hit the Delta for a few days to escape the heat and run the boat around a bit. Then the central coast at Avila will probably round up August for us.  I can't wait for the weather to cool down so we can hit the desert. Hope to hear from ya soon!.  Have fun... Greg
OTHG 21s said:
The following weekend we hit the Delta for a few days to escape the heat and run the boat around a bit.

Hi Greg. Where on the Delta will you be staying? Did you see this message on places to stay and launch in the Delta? What boat do you have?  Oops, just realized we've already had this discussion here, sorry :-[

As for escaping the heat, we've been seeing 100-105o, but it's supposed to start cooling to mid 90's tomorrow and maybe low 90's next week.

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Thanks for the beta Greg.  Would love to see your rig.  I know that by October I will be out at the '49er meeting in Death Valley.  My parents will visit from Germany and that is where they always go, except this time sans tent but in comfort.  After the end of September I will have some time to really get on the road.  Being that I am new to this RVing and I drive an older rig, I still have not gained the faith in the machinery that I would have after perhaps a few thousand miles.  I spent a good part of the evening yesterday with my headlamp under the Vectra, just looking where hoses and wires go and so on.  I was superbly pleased with the general looks of all, zero leakage from anything except that I do have to extend the Blow-By tube past the radiator; absolutely no rust, zerks looked well greased.  One other incentive was that I did lose my cruise control, and that my speedometer acts erratic at times.  I still get butterflies just starting the Diesel, quite exciting.  Glad to be on the forum.  :D
Cascabel3 said:
I know that by October I will be out at the '49er meeting in Death Valley.


I will be with a group spending time at the 49er meeting in DV. Maybe we'll be able to connect there.
Cascabel3 said:
Great Bernie, we are usually camped near Furnace Creek, I forgot the name of the site.  Will be hard to miss the Vectra though :)

The group I will be with is affiliated with the Spartan Chassis chapter of FMCA. Don't know what the program is, they usually stay in CA City but are doing a little traveling this year. Our coach is a 40' silver Travel Supreme. Even harder to miss ;D ;D

Cascabel3 said:
I'll be on the lookout for your Rig Bernie.  Beer is on me if I can see the inside and climb under her to look at the engine and tranny  ;D

That's an offer I can't refuse  ;D ;D ;D

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